BT100 GX160 Honda Engine Plate Compactors with Wheels(WATER TANK EXTRA)


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BUDDY BT100 22 in. x 18 in. GX160 HONDA Engine Plate Tamper/Compactor with Wheels and Water Tank offers functionality and performance at a valued price. It is a tough, durable iron base plate ideally suited for a variety of compaction applications. Specially designed for compaction of granular and mixed materials in confined areas such as parking lots, roads or bridge construction with a baseplate of 18 inches.


  • Powered by a Honda GX160 engine which offers high speed and reliable performance
  • Large capacity semi-transparent water tank; easy filling wide mouth
  • Water distribution system that prevents asphalt from sticking to the base plate
  • V-Belt guard fully encloses the belt to protect the operator and belt from debris damage
  • Lifting handles to facilitate easy loading and unloading from the transport vehicle
  • Durable integrated wheel kit provides easy maneuverability
  • Mat attachment improves productivity by protecting stone landscapes for proper levelling


Model BT65 BT85 BT100 BT120
Engine Honda GX160 5.5HP Honda GX160 5.5HP Honda GX160 5.5HP Honda GX160 5.5HP
Operating Weight (kg/lb) 65kg/143lbs 85kg/188lbs 100kg/220lbs 120kg/265lbs
Centrifugal Force 2900lbs/10kN 4000lbs/12kN 5600lbs/18kN 6000lbs/21kN
Frequency 5400vpm 5400vpm 5400vpm 5400vpm
Max Working Speed 22m/min 26m/min 30m/min 30m/min
Plate Size (l x W) 19” x 13” 20” x 16” 22” x 18” 24” x 20”

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Weight 100 kg
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